First day of fall classes at CU 麻豆影院You鈥檝e already done the hard work. You鈥檝e finished most of the classes. You鈥檝e joined the clubs. You鈥檝e played the sports. And now, you just have to tell us about it in your application. With this frame of mind, read on for a few tips to help you keep the ball rolling as we head into the busy holiday season!

  1. Fight the urge to procrastinate! Here鈥檚 what happens: you wait until the week before the deadline to submit your application. You log in to the Common Application, and you realize, 鈥淚 totally forgot about the short answer question! And I haven鈥檛 even requested my letter听of recommendation yet!鈥 And now you鈥檙e scrambling, and that鈥檚 just not good for anyone. So get started now! In order to consider you for admission, we need your application, your application fee or fee waiver request, your official high school transcripts, one听short answer question听and at least one letter of recommendation-- all submitted to us prior to the application deadline. Keep in mind that听CU 麻豆影院 is now test optional so you have the freedom to send or not to send your SAT/ACT test scores.

  2. Don鈥檛 forget to connect with your Admission Counselor. We are still here to answer any questions you may have at any point in time! We want to be able to help in every way possible and often times, students forget to use us as a resource. There are a lot of assumptions, myths and opinions about the application process,听but we can provide you with the most accurate information.听However, make sure that if you have questions about the application, you reach out to our office with plenty of time prior to the respective deadline. Find your counselor at听

  3. Always apply to your top choice of major. You may have heard that certain colleges and majors at CU 麻豆影院 are more competitive than others. That鈥檚 true, but it shouldn鈥檛 discourage you from applying to the major that you really, really want. Keep in mind that our review process is holistic, which means that we are looking at you as a whole person with something unique to contribute. None of our programs have minimum GPA or test score requirements to get in, so it is always worth swinging the bat. If it turns out that you aren鈥檛 competitive for your top pick of major right now, we will review you for general acceptance to CU 麻豆影院. A 鈥渘o鈥 to your top choice of major isn鈥檛 necessarily a 鈥渘o鈥 to CU鈥攊t just means that you may have to prove yourself a bit more academically your freshman year before you get into your first pick of major. And who knows? You may discover a new major that you never considered before!

  4. Check your email. When you submit your Common App to CU 麻豆影院, you will get an email confirming submission. Always check your email! Can鈥檛 find it? Check your junk mail. It should be there somewhere. And if it鈥檚 not, give us a call at 303-492-6301听and we will send it again. That email will have important information about how to access your application status page where you鈥檒l be able to track the progress of your CU 麻豆影院 application.

  5. Start thinking about your next steps. Once you submit your application and its supporting documents, take a deep breath and congratulate yourself. You鈥檝e completed the first big step towards becoming a Buff! But don鈥檛 stop there, review our first-year next steps at Now is the time for you to begin applying for scholarships, even if you haven鈥檛 received your admission decision yet! The Scholarship Application can be accessed through your application status page with most applications due between February听15 - March 15. And don鈥檛 forget to explore any other scholarships opportunities, too! You鈥檒l also want to start thinking about where you might want to live on campus. Once you鈥檙e admitted and confirmed at CU 麻豆影院, you can fill out your housing application as early as March. Explore some of your options at!听

  6. Come spend some time with us! Spring is a great time to visit campus, and we have tons of options all semester. We offer half-day information sessions and tours, full day student experience visits, and even some Saturday programs! Not sure which visit is right for you? Check out your options at

  7. Lastly, be optimistic! Regardless of how smooth your high school years were, as long as you are motivated and conscientious, you can have bright future at CU 麻豆影院. Our holistic application review process ensures that no single grade or test score will prevent you from being admitted, so go ahead and apply!

The bottom line is that your college application is a chance for you to tell us the story of your high school career on your own terms-- so make the most of it! We鈥檙e looking forward to reviewing your application! 'Sko Buffs!

Written by CU 麻豆影院 Office of Admissions