Graduate Student Assistants

The majority of graduate student funding is awarded through the departments. The main sources of student support are usually in the form of聽Graduate Students Assistantships (Research Assistants, Teaching Assistants, Graduate Assistants, and Graduate Part-Time Instructors), which along with a monthly salary, include fee remission, dental insurance, and subsidized health insurance.

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Fellowships & Grants

Students are encouraged to seek out and apply for awards and grants as well as 苍补迟颈辞苍补濒听蹿别濒濒辞飞蝉丑颈辫听辞辫辫辞谤迟耻苍颈迟颈别蝉.听

Other Campus Employment Options

  • Student Employment
    CU 麻豆影院's Student Employment聽posts an average of 600 part-time, on-campus聽and off-campus jobs for students. Visit the page to browse jobs. Graduate students who are U.S. citizens or permanent residents may qualify for work-study awards. International students may verify their employment eligibility through聽International Student and Scholar Services听(滨厂厂厂).
  • Housing & Dining Services
    For information on employment opportunities, visit the Housing and Dining site.

Financial Aid Information

  • 聽has information regarding loans and work-study.
  • Students applying for financial aid should submit the graduate version of the聽聽as soon as possible after October 1. You must be enrolled in at least three semester hours to be eligible to receive federal or state financial aid or to be eligible for a deferment on any of your federal loans.
  • ROTC and US Military veterans should contact the聽聽to determine how their GI benefits will be coordinated with their financial aid.

Payment Plans

Tuition and fees can be paid over the course of each semester by enrolling in optional payment plans.