Connecting OCG staff with information,聽tools and resources as CU 麻豆影院 employees.

Our Office Norms

Everyday we show up with a positive attitude.

Professional & Accountable

We hold ourselves and each other to uncommonly high standards.
We do what's right - even if it's difficult to do.

Support & Help Others

We invest in our own and others' development.
We encourage each other to excel through actionable feedback.

Build Trust

We're in this together and assume the best of others.
We exhibit confidence in our own and each other's abilities.

Think Forward

We are smart and strategic about the things we choose to do.
We are open to new ideas and solution-oriented problem solving.

Respect Others

We celebrate successes and take the time to appreciate others.
We value each person and their contribution to the whole.


We encourage discussion, voice our best ideas and communicate respectfully.
We practice mindful listening and ask clear and concise questions.